How Power Washing Can Improve the Lifespan of your Deck

How Power Washing Can Improve the Lifespan of your Deck

Sep 06 2018

Your deck is an extension of the living space. It adds value to the home, especially when a sale is pending. However, that same deck can also look worse every year without the proper care. Take a close look at how power washing can improve your deck’s lifespan. This simple task can save you money every year.

Removing Mold and Mildew

Wood is an organic substance. Regardless of its age, the lumber will have a certain amount of microbes on and within it. Power washing the deck allows you to control those microbe levels, including mold and mildew. Your climate is always changing. The humidity levels give these microbes a chance to grow and replicate. Power washing applies an intense volume of water across a small area. These microbes break apart and float away. Without a good cleaning, mold and mildew can grow in hidden areas that will eventually weaken and damage the wood.

Fighting off Salt and Dirt Accumulation

Many decks are part of vacation homes that might be in the mountains. Ice and snow impact the lumber every year. You may use salt on the deck in order to melt the snow. As the spring thaws everything out, your deck has a film of dirt and salt covering it. These particles will break down the deck in a faster timespan compared to a clean surface.
Use power washing as a solution for particle accumulation. Consider spring cleaning as the perfect time to use the washer. Blast the particles away so that the deck is ready for the sunny days ahead.

Readying the Deck for Sealants

Power washing improves your deck’s lifespan because it offers a natural progression toward a sealant job. Your deck cannot survive for very long if its surfaces are bare to the world. Sealants are the answer to a long lifespan. Wash away any debris from the deck. Allow it to dry. Choose a sealant that works for the deck’s wood type and surrounding elements. The sealant may require several coats before you’re done too. With this task completed, the deck shouldn’t require another power washing until next year.

Preserving the Fasteners

Lumber isn’t known for its corrosive behavior. It’s a wood product. However, preservatives added during manufacturing can create corrosive issues. Many lumber manufacturers are turning to copper preservatives as an alternative to arsenic. Copper may be an adequate preservative, but it adds metal into the wood structure. Any fasteners used on your deck that aren’t stainless steel can react with the copper additive. Corrosion soon follows. Power washing on a regular basis fights off corrosion because of the cleaning action. Try to perform this task when the weather is warm so that the deck can swiftly dry out. Lingering water will only create more problems over time. Always verify the pressure necessary for your deck’s care. An improper measurement can leave the deck worse off than before. By cleaning and sealing the deck on a regular basis, it will shine brightly for every outdoor gathering.