How Power Washing Improves Your Curb Appeal

How Power Washing Improves Your Curb Appeal

Sep 06 2018

Power washing equipment can make a home stand out by eliminating different environment elements that decrease curb appeal. If you’re thinking about using traditional or commercial-grade power washing hardware, you should make the investment as the pressurized water can make your siding more attractive by washing away design flaws, contaminates, and debris.


When paint ages outdoors, the layers gradually peel off of a typical exterior surface. After large patches of paint tear away from paneling on a home, the house’s entire design scheme will appear tacky. Most people try to correct this problem by applying a new coat of paint on damaged sections. However, after the new coats are applied, the older portions that weren’t touched up will also begin to peel over time. This is why pressure washing is a more practical solution because the powerful stream of water can blast away all old paint so that new coats can be applied evenly. If you use this strategy, your home will look like new from a distance.


Dust can gradually generate on low and high spots on a home, and most people who walk near a dusty house can see thick dust particles very easily while standing within several feet of an interior siding. Although a traditional hose with a spray nozzle can get rid of dust, pressure washing equipment produces better results because the water rinses every individual dust particle off of a wooden or aluminum siding. If a house has older siding that’s very delicate, you can adjust the pressure setting in order to shoot a less powerful stream of water onto the material.

Chewing Gum

As people travel to a home, the first thing that they see is the driveway that leads to the door. When many pieces of gum are stuck to a concrete driveway or the steps by your doorway, a property’s overall curb appeal drops dramatically. Since gum can easily heat up on a hot pavement, the process of removing an old wad on a sunny day using traditional landscaping tool can be challenging. The best way to extract dry chewing gum is by shooting a narrow stream of water on a pavement. A top-of-the-line unit can eliminate any lingering residue that typically remains on a pavement after gum is removed, so you’ll never have to worry about goo stains that can make a bright, white driveway unattractive.


Mold commonly generates on the side of a home where there is a lot of moisture. After a lot of mold spores contaminate a large portion on a siding, a property loses its curb appeal. When mold grows on a house, treatments should be done quickly because the spores can affect air quality. Power washing equipment destroys mold spores rapidly, and you can use soapy water to strategically clean heavily soiled surfaces in an efficient manner.