Concrete & Brick Washing

Brick and concrete structures have a certain charm, but it’s important to remember that proper maintenance is essential for keeping brick and concrete buildings looking their best. Porter’s Powerwashing offers professional pressure washing services for brick and concrete that can make the exterior of your brick townhouse, concrete office building or other structure look sparkling and flawless. We serve both commercial and residential customers in Woodbridge, Virginia and the surrounding area.

Pressure washing your brick and concrete surfaces, whether they are buildings or driveways or walkways, can instantly help them look their best. Debris, dirt, mold, mildew and dust accumulation can make exteriors appear dull and dirty, creating a poor first impression. Our concrete and brick pressure washing can provide your home or office building with a cleaner exterior — and that can help boost any property’s curb appeal and value!

Price: $0.40 per sq.ft.

Pressure washing can be terrific for the visual appeal of any structure — for example, by removing leaf stains and tire marks that can make your driveway look old and neglected. But it can also help remove the mold and mildew that are unhealthy to have around. From better curb appeal to a healthier environment, our pressure washing services benefit your home or business in many ways!

Benefits of Power Washing and Driveway Cleaning

Power washing is an important part of keeping your property looking great. However, the benefits go beyond good looks! Choosing professional pressure washer services to clean your home’s exterior surfaces is an important part of maintaining it, and can even help keep it structurally sound. It can be easy to overlook the areas on the outer portion of your house, but it’s imperative to take care of your brick and concrete areas just as much as your home’s interior.

When brick and concrete is poorly maintained, it can create a hazardous situation for you, your family and any visitors to your property. If concrete isn’t cleaned regularly it can get slick with old leaves and debris, and this is even more true for brick-paved areas. The last thing you want is for someone to trip because of poorly maintained walkways!

When DIY Cleaning Isn’t Enough

You may have tried sweeping or using your garden hose to clean these surfaces, only to find those tools had little effect on the moss, stains and dirt that’s been ground in. We have a simple solution for you that’s budget-friendly and fast. Our company provides efficient power washing services for both commercial and residential properties. Our professional technicians are available with the cleaning solutions you need for a sparkling driveway or patio.

You’ll be amazed at what our high power washing will do for your curb appeal. Our pressure washing services blast away the embedded moss and grime that can be hard to clean without industrial equipment. We will make your hardscape look like new again in no time at all. Power cleaning your driveway and any concrete or bricked in areas adds value to your home and is essential if you’re putting it on the real estate market.

A Cleaner Home is a Healthier Home

Pressure washing can also help improve the health of your family. Brick patios and concrete can grow mold and can collect pet dander, decayed materials and pollen. Mold, pet hair and pollen are all allergens and can cause your loved ones to suffer from allergy symptoms. We will blast away this troublesome dirt and replace it with a beautifully clean surface.

We also recommend using our services to power wash your bricks or concrete before applying a sealant or performing other maintenance work. It’s important to start with a completely clean surface to get the desired effect.

Porter’s Powerwashing offers budget-friendly rates and exemplary service. We also offer a price match guarantee. So, if you’re thinking about giving your brick or concrete surfaces a makeover, our pressure washing service is the perfect touch-up. Contact Porter’s Powerwashing today to request a free estimate!